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Tim Andrews - Horticulturist

In 1978 I was lucky to have graduated from one of the world’s best Horticulture programs here at the UW Madison. Since then I have worked continuously in every aspect of the field of Horticulture. From award winning swimming pool design and installation to curing massive prehistoric trees from disease or insect problems, I have nurtured the natural world in the Madison/Dane County area. Of all of the elements of that comprise the field of horticulture; I especially enjoy the science of plant health care. If an ancient tree or ecosystem can be made better, to thrive again for another season or another decade we’ve done our job.

From 78 until 1997 I owned and operated a sizable design/build landscape company. Neighborhoods like High Point, Cherokee and Maple Grove sprang forth in the fertile farmland of Dane County during these decades .Circumstances lead me to a position that I held as the Landscape and Grounds Coordinator of a local, private College for 13 years. During this time I earned my Masters Degree in Environmental Education and continue to teach courses in Environmental Studies and Spirituality. These recent experiences have taught me a lot about the connections between all things in the community of life. No tree, plant or human being exists alone. Everything is connected to everything else- always, and you cannot change just one thing. I try to observe these rules of ecology in all we do at TA Hort. LLC. Thirty three years of serving the living plants of our area as a degreed Horticulturist and Certified Arborist has given me a lot of insights as to the challenges and problems that can be encountered in the Dane County region.




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